Natural origin biostimulant obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis

Specialized processing results in a unique formulation based on Levorotatory-type amino acids, short-chain peptides, and polypeptides. The type of enzymatic hydrolysis used allows amino acids and peptides to be fully available to the plant. In addition, Pepton products are an excellent source of organic nitrogen and organic iron, fully assimilable to the plant.

Extend the information on enzymatic hydrolysis.

Benefits and moments of application of Pepton


  • Increases root and plant growth
  • Stimulates flowering and improves setting
  • Enables earlier harvest
  • Increases production and improves quality
  • Improves soil humidification and enriches microbial flora
  • Enhances chlorophyll formation
  • Promotes fruit development and growth

Application Times

  • Seed treatment
  • New plantings
  • Sprouting
  • Mixed with plant nutrition and plant protection products
  • Moments of biotic or abiotic stress for the plant
  • Preparation for the stress
  • Flowering, fruit setting and maturing

Product Brochure & Composition

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Pepton 85-16 is a fertilizer usable in organic plant production according to RCE 834/2007 in compliance with the UNE 142500 Standard.