In addition to commercializing ready to use products based on our patented processes and our own enzymatic hydrolysis from the best quality raw materials, APC Agro is focused on growing the global agro industry by providing solutions to partners who also wish to commercialize using our raw materials. 

We offer our selected products as raw material for the final formulation of liquid and liquid products, providing technical support based upon our extensive experience. 

APC Agro is dedicated to the research, manufacture and commercialized use of pure protein derivatives and enzymatic hydrolysates. They are primary in WG, WP and liquid formulations of the highest quality and purity, produced under the same processes as the agri-food industry. 

Products are based upon:

  • Free Amino Acids - SCP (Short Chain Peptides) and LCP (Long Chain Peptides)
  • Protein Derivates
  • Organic Nitrogen
  • Organic Phosphorous and Calcium
  • 100% Pure Organic Matter

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