Targeted Products, Global Reach

APC Agro manufactures and markets products for use in the production of crops, whether in the field or the greenhouse. Our unique method of hydrolysis allows significant uptake of critical amino acids in plants of all types. 

APC Agro is the agricultural division of a global family of companies devoted to using value added fractionation technology to improve production in human foods and lifesciences, livestock feeds and crop production. 


Highly Concentrated Natural Fertilizers

Pepton products are 100% natural and 100% water soluble. Our specialized production process uses enzymes to break down protein, creating a blend of L-type amino acids as well as medium and short chain peptides. The hydrolysis used ensures the peptides and amino acids are highly available for the plant, including an easily absorbable source of iron.

Learn more about our product line, including detailed information about Pepton 85/16, Pepton Plus and the importance of enzymatic hydrolysis in manufacturing effective fertilizers.