Pepton Plus and Pepton Organic 

All natural fertilizer for crop production

Pepton Plus and Pepton Organic are fertilizers with a high nutrient value, sourced from enzyme hydrolysate of proteins creating a high percentage of mono- and dipeptides available for direct uptake in crop plants. They are 100% soluble in water and easy to mix and apply.

Organically based protein hydrolysate is uniquely available for direct uptake through irrigation and foliar treatments. Most other forms of protein-based fertilizers are treated with harsh chemicals making them unavailable for direct uptake.

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Safety data sheets and labels are also available here: Pepton Plus MSDS, Pepton Plus label, Pepton Organic MSDS, Pepton Organic label

Prostim NF Organic

Animal-based nitrogen fertilizer for organic crop applications

Prostim NF Organic is an animal-based nitrogen fertilizer with a high content in organic matter (95%), organic nitrogen (15%), potassium and iron. The unique formulation of Prostim NF Organic improves uptake of nutrients for all crops. Prostim NF Organic is highly soluble and is formulated as a small granule. 

Careful selection of high quality raw material, the method used to obtain the raw material and its subsequent processing, guarantee an end product that meets the highest quality standards.

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Safety data sheet and label available here: Prostim NF Organic MSDS, Prostim NF Organic label

Benefits and Application of Fertilizer Products


  • Increases root and plant growth
  • Stimulates flowering and improves setting
  • Enables earlier harvest
  • Increases production and improves quality
  • Improves soil humidification and enriches microbial flora
  • Enhances chlorophyll formation
  • Promotes fruit development and growth

Application Times

  • Seed treatment
  • New plantings
  • Sprouting
  • Mixed with plant nutrition and plant protection products
  • Moments of biotic or abiotic stress for the plant
  • Preparation for the stress
  • Flowering, fruit setting and maturing