Application Times

New Plantations

Vegetative Growth

Application Rate

Immersion 5% solution

Foliar Treatment: 2-2.5 Kg/Ha. 2-3 applications every 15 days with plant nutrition and/or plant protection treatments.

Technical Information

Improves the vegetative growth. Improves the photosynthetic activity. Increases the protection against biotic or abiotic stress. Anti-stress solution. Increases the total production and the BRIX content. Improves shelf life.


What People Are Saying
It is a product we have liked from the very first moment we had in our hands.
Francisco Caro
We apply Pepton 85/16 in sugar cane and there are more young plants, more plant population and more production.
Raul Torres
I am using Pepton on Rice and we have increased the plant activity, reduced the stress of the plant and increased the rooting, and it ends in a better production.