Application Times

Plant Protection Treatments

All Cultivation Cycles

Application Rate

200-300 gr/100 L

Irrigation: 4-8 Kg/Ha every 7-10 days.

Technical Information

Anti-Stress Treatment

Improves the rooting and vegetative growth. Improves the resistance against any biotic or abiotic stress. Increases photosynthetic activity. Increases weight per plant, production and quality. Earlier production and maturing. Improves shelf life.


What People Are Saying
It is a product we have liked from the very first moment we had in our hands.
Francisco Caro
We apply Pepton 85/16 in sugar cane and there are more young plants, more plant population and more production.
Raul Torres
I am using Pepton on Rice and we have increased the plant activity, reduced the stress of the plant and increased the rooting, and it ends in a better production.